A child’s life is changed when he/she begins to acquire the literacy skills of reading, writing, and spelling and to feel confident in the classroom.

Augustine Literacy Project® provides each tutor in depth training using the Orton-Gillingham approach, and research-based reading materials from a variety of sources, including the Wilson Reading System®. Orton-Gillingham is systematic, multisensory, structured and phonetic. The curriculum is highly effective in teaching children who struggle with literacy skills as a result of learning differences, poverty or English Language Learners (ELL).


Upon satisfactory completion of Augustine training, each tutor is paired with an economically disadvantaged child and commits to work with her/him pro bono for a minimum of 60 sessions. Tutors usually meet with their students at the child's school twice a week. An Augustine lesson is 45 minutes long.

Comprehensive pre- and post- testing in phonemic awareness,

word attack, spelling, fluency, and comprehension is

administered to evaluate student progress.


Tutor training sessions are offered throughout each year.

The cost of training exceeds $700 per volunteer. However,

because of the commitment a tutor makes to stay with

a child for a minimum of 60 lessons, our fee is $300 for the

training. Need based financial aid is available. All trained

tutors have access to extensive tutor support.



Augustine tutors' lives are changed when their students see the light of understanding – the “Aha” moment that happens for a child who has been struggling with reading aloud or who has been experiencing daily failures.