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When you make a contribution to Augustine Literacy Project® of the Triangle (ALP-T), you help open doors to accomplishment and a bright future for economically disadvantaged children who struggle with literacy. You help increase the number of tutors who will provide free, skilled literacy instruction, and you help our efforts to expand our presence and make a world of difference in the lives of Augustine children. Thank you!

Every gift is important and, unless otherwise restricted, will be allocated to our training and tutor support programming in the following ways: 

  • Supplement cost of developing and implementing online training and tutoring 

  • Assist with covering materials cost for ongoing tutor support and workshops

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Augustine Literacy Project® of the Triangle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions are deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Tax Identification Number (EIN): 47-2832907.

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Augustine Literacy Project welcomes gifts of stock. Donors may avoid capital gains taxes by transferring stock directly to ALP-T.


​NOTE: Please let us know about your gift of stock in advance of the transfer so it may be processed in a timely manner.  You can email or leave a voicemail at 919-627-1698 and include the type of stock and number of shares you are transferring.

​Account information needed to complete a stock transfer to ALP-T:

​SunTrust Investment Services (National Financial Services)

  • DTC# 0226

  • Credit to Account Name: Augustine Literacy Project of the Triangle

  • Credit to Account #: NC1-667977

  • ALP-T Tax Identification Number (EIN): 47-2832907

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You Did It! 

Augustine Literacy Project of the Triangle is excited to announce that the Fall, 2021 GoFundMe campaign has come to a close. Thanks to our generous supporters, which likely includes some of you reading this post, we reached our goal! We just passed the $12,500 mark - an important benchmark because a long-time donor was offering to match all donations up to $12,500 through the campaign.

Including the match, the campaign netted more than $25,000!

We promise to put the money to good use. $25,000 will provide free training for 83 new volunteer tutors! That's 83 new tutors armed with the tools they need to change the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people throughout the Triangle.

For those of you who donated or helped spread the word or just sent positive energy this way, the board and staff at Augustine Literacy Project of the Triangle would like to say thank you!

GoFundMe pic.jpg


If I had to pick one word to describe the year 2021 for us here at Augustine Literacy Project it would be resilience. Like most nonprofit organizations (and everyone, really), this year has been fraught with challenges, as the pandemic lingered and with it a myriad of uncertainties and obstacles. We survived.


As the year started, we were still in the beginning stages of our new online training and tutoring program. To refresh your memory, when schools abruptly shut down in March, 2020, we were forced to pivot from what we’ve always done: in-person volunteer training and face-to-face tutoring, no longer viable in the midst of a global pandemic, to online everything. It wasn’t an easy transition, for us or our students. We lost some tutors. Some students fell through the cracks.


The good news is that what emerged was a valuable new online training and tutoring program which opens the doors for us to serve more students. Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Now, we’re back to offering hybrid online/in-person training and some in-person tutoring sessions at our partner schools have started back up! We have high hopes that a return to something resembling normalcy is right around the bend (cautiously optimistic that the new Omicron variant or whatever comes next doesn’t derail those hopes).


The bad news is that as students returned to the classrooms a few months ago, many faced unprecedented challenges. A year-plus of remote learning resulted in some of our most vulnerable children falling even further behind academically. Our second graders hadn’t been inside a classroom since Kindergarten. It showed. The learning loss was dramatic. Too many Kindergarteners and 1st graders have only a rudimentary grasp of reading, if at all. We have much work ahead of us. Schools did the best they could and teachers should be commended for their Herculean efforts to meet the needs of their students, but, for the most part, online learning was ineffectual among younger children, especially in homes with limited resources. Our students.


As you may know, Augustine specifically targets children from low-income households with below grade-level reading scores. These are children at disproportionate risk for future school failure, dropout, behavioral problems, and other challenges without skilled intervention. And a population especially impacted by the pandemic. A year-and-a-half of online learning has likely exacerbated their struggles.



But we also know that children are incredibly resilient. We know that with our help, 90% will be able to get on track and reach grade level in reading, writing, and spelling – essential building blocks for all learning – with our early intervention tutoring.


Our methods work. But the need is great. Our students need our help now more than ever. Consequently, we need your help more than ever. We’re hoping you can make a donation to help us serve more students who need us during this critical time.


Every dollar helps. We promise to put the money to good use: recruiting, training, and supporting volunteer tutors assigned to students at local Title I schools, a majority of whom are children of color, a significant percentage consider English their non-predominant language, all from households identified as low-income. Many of the children we serve begin Kindergarten behind their peers for reasons that often include a lack of exposure to print and enriched vocabulary in the home, a language other than English primarily spoken in the home, and undiagnosed learning disabilities. Obstacles difficult to overcome without expert help.


Simply put, more funding means more tutors serving children who desperately need us.


So it is with a sense of urgency and renewed commitment – and emboldened by newfound resiliency - that we face 2022 head-on and ask for your help, in whatever way you can.


With gratitude,

Lori Easternlin

Executive Director

Augustine Literacy Project®
3307 Watkins Road Suite 179

Durham, NC, 27707


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