We serve students in grades 1 through 12 who attend Durham, Chapel Hill, Chatham, Orange and Wake County public schools. Students are referred to the program by family members, guardians, teachers, counselors, principals, psychologists, social workers or learning disability specialists. 

The two eligibility requirements for Augustine tutoring are: 


  1. low income, qualifying for free or reduced price lunch

  2. below grade level performance in reading, writing or spelling. 

We do not require that our students meet the discrepancy criteria used by the state of North Carolina to determine eligibility for learning disabled (LD) services in the public schools.

Our success is predicated on research-based methodology; caring, trusting and long lasting relationships between tutors and their students, and the intensive training and ongoing support offered by the Augustine Literacy Project®.

Many of our tutors go beyond academic language therapy and serve as advocates for their students, seeking appropriate testing, services and accommodations. 

If your child has been

paired with a tutor...*


Your child will be working with a dedicated, well-trained Augustine tutor. Our tutors receive intensive, supervised training and will meet with your child twice weekly for about an hour in a safe, supervised area within the school. Many Augustine tutors work with their students for multiple years, going well beyond the original 60 lesson commitment.  

We are dedicated to preserving the privacy of our students. Your student's information, test scores or daily work will not be shared with anyone outside Augustine Literacy Project®.

*Adapted with permission from ALP Winston-Salem.

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"I really appreciate Mr. Leavoy's hard work with A. He is making a lot of progress with his behavior, reading, and writing! I know his family is seeing it at home too. A. has been through a lot in the past 6 months and I know he really loves getting to see Mr. Leavoy and work with him. No matter his mood when he starts the day, he is happy and excited to learn after they finish."


Caroline Bailey, first grade teacher

Hope Valley Elementary