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Augustine Literacy Project®
3200 Pickett Road

Durham, NC 27705


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Why we do what we do

Children in the Triangle public schools struggle to read for several reasons. Some children present with diagnosed learning disabilities, others encounter language barriers, while still others live in poverty without the opportunity to experience a literacy-rich home environment. Unfortunately, poor reading proficiency limits the ability of these children to succeed in school, and in life. Without skilled intervention, these children fall further and further behind their peers.


NAEP 2017 testing results indicate that only 30% of NC fourth graders read at the proficiency level. Scores reported for NC eighth grade students are the same - 30% read proficiently. Nearly 40% of youth in juvenile detention read below a fourth-grade level, according to the US Office of Juvenile Justice.


This problem isn't a new one. In fact, the Augustine Literacy Project® (ALP) was created to address the issue 24 years ago. The founding members realized that a research-based, multisensory, structured program, pairing one tutor with one child, delivered at no charge to low-income, struggling readers would be effective. ALP-T has been successful in teaching many children to read at or above grade level over the years, providing a foundation for the child to seize life opportunities that would otherwise not be available.


ALP-T's tutoring program works. We know we make a difference, but we need to do more, be more, and reach more children who need skilled literacy intervention. We need to make a bigger difference. We need to expand our presence in the community.

Lori Easterlin

Executive Director