2020 Board

of Directors 


Michael Brown, Secretary

Assistant Principal, UNCG Moss Street Partnership School


Kisha Daniels

Adjunct Instructor, Program in Education, Duke University

Carol Lachenman

CHCCS Program Specialist for Exceptional Children, ret.


Linda McDonough

Founder, former tutor and trainer; school director

Henry Oehmann, Treasurer

Consultant, ret.

Gardy Perard

Adult Literacy Program Coordinator, Durham Literacy Center


Layla Rivera

Literacy Instructional Coach, DPS

Nancy Williams, Chair

CPA; tutor

playground kids.jpg

Although all of my students have benefited greatly from our working together, I am the bigger winner. The sense of joy and pride I feel whenever one of 'my kids' first demonstrates his new-found fluency always brings tears to my eyes." 


~Dan Toth, Augustine tutor for 10+ years