2020 Board

of Directors 


Michael Brown, Secretary

Assistant Principal, UNCG Moss Street Partnership School


Robb Cadwallader

Business Executive/Entrepreneur


Kisha Daniels

Adjunct Instructor, Program in Education, Duke University

Carol Lachenman

CHCCS Program Specialist for Exceptional Children, ret.


Mel Huey

Attorney; tutor


Bert L’Homme

Superintendent, Durham Public Schools, ret.

Linda McDonough

Founder, former tutor and trainer; school director

Henry Oehmann, Treasurer

Consultant, ret.

Gardy Perard

Adult Literacy Program Coordinator, Durham Literacy Center


Tracey Powell

Community volunteer; tutor


Layla Rivera

Literacy Instructional Coach, DPS

Nancy Williams, Chair

CPA; tutor

Although all of my students have benefited greatly from our working together, I am the bigger winner. The sense of joy and pride I feel whenever one of 'my kids' first demonstrates his new-found fluency always brings tears to my eyes." 


~Dan Toth, Augustine tutor for 10+ years

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